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Lane Tower Suite Vintage Mid Century Modern Brutalist Lowboy Dresser c. 1970s

Lane Tower Suite Vintage Mid Century Modern Brutalist Lowboy Dresser c. 1970s

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This Lane Furniture Tower Suite dresser is a quintessential piece of the 1970s, echoing the brutalist style that was popular during the era. Its solid walnut build is complemented by six drawers, each featuring a combination of chrome and rosewood handles that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The robust construction and choice of materials reflect the sturdy, forthright qualities of brutalist design.

Flanking the central section, the rosewood doors with straightforward chrome handles open to reveal additional storage space. These doors, with their rosewood, provide a visual and tactile contrast to the smooth exterior of the dresser's frame. This design choice is indicative of the era's appreciation for mixed materials and strong, geometric forms.

The top of the dresser is adorned with a pattern of rosewood inlays shaped like rounded rectangles, lending a refined touch to the piece. This feature is subtle yet effective in enhancing the dresser’s visual appeal, staying true to the brutalist ethos of combining utility with bold, expressive forms. In all, this dresser is a well-preserved piece of mid-century modern craftsmanship, offering both function and a strong design statement.


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29.25" H x 78" W x 19" D

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Walnut, rosewood, chrome

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