Collection: Heywood Wakefield

Founded in 1826 by the innovative Heywood brothers, Heywood-Wakefield has woven a captivating tale in the history of furniture design. Originally a modest venture crafting wooden chairs and tables, the company's evolution spans decades, culminating in its prominent role in the Mid Century Modern movement. The early years saw Heywood-Wakefield thriving with affordable and popular wicker pieces, but it wasn't until the Great Depression that a transformative shift occurred. Embracing modernist furnishings from the 1930s to the early 1960s, the company became synonymous with the sleek "blond" pieces that remain iconic today.

This journey is a testament to Heywood-Wakefield's adaptability, transitioning from Early American to Streamline Modern and Swedish Modern styles. Collaborations with design luminaries like Gilbert Rhode and Russel Wright infused the "Modern" pieces with a timeless and cohesive visual language. The company's commitment to design flexibility, versatility, and ease is evident, with each collection boasting a distinct yet harmonious look. Whether it's the elegant curves of dressers and nightstands or the iconic presence of headboards and china cabinets, Heywood-Wakefield's legacy in Mid Century Modern craftsmanship endures. Utilizing innovative techniques like "steam bending," the company achieved graceful curves that became a hallmark of its aesthetic. Browse our collection of Heywood Wakefield Mid Century Modern Furniture today and discover the enduring charm of this iconic brand.