Collection: Harvey Probber

Harvey Probber, an icon of modern design, revolutionized the furniture industry with his visionary creations, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to shape contemporary interiors. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1922, Probber's early fascination with design paved the way for a remarkable career marked by innovation and creativity. Founding his eponymous company in 1945, Probber embarked on a journey to redefine the concept of modern furniture.

At the heart of Probber's design ethos was a commitment to modernism and versatility, evident in his pioneering modular sofa system that offered unprecedented flexibility in spatial design. This groundbreaking approach extended to other furniture pieces, including modern china cabinets, desks, and dining tables, where Probber's meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of materials set new standards for contemporary living spaces.

Probber's designs transcended traditional boundaries, embracing exotic woods, sleek lines, and minimalist aesthetics to create furniture that epitomized the essence of mid-century modern style. His modern china cabinets became focal points of sophistication and functionality, while his desks and dining tables seamlessly integrated into diverse interior settings, offering both form and function in equal measure.

Throughout his illustrious career, Probber remained at the forefront of design innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what furniture could achieve. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and commitment to quality craftsmanship earned him acclaim as a true pioneer of modern design, with his legacy enduring through the timeless allure of his creations.

Today, Probber's modern furniture pieces remain coveted treasures, prized for their timeless elegance and enduring appeal. From modern china cabinets to desks and dining tables, each piece embodies Probber's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, making a lasting impact on the world of contemporary interiors.

In the company of visionary designers like Vladimir Kagan, Paul McCobb, and Adrian Pearsall, Harvey Probber's contributions to the mid-century modern movement stand as a testament to his unparalleled influence and enduring legacy in the world of design.