Terms & Conditions

The below purchaser authorizes Mod City Madness LLC to process payment to their credit card for purchase of goods and/or services.

1. It is agreed that Mod City Madness LLC is an online furniture retailer, selling goods to consumers, and that all items are being sold in as -is condition with no warranties or guarantees implied. We strive to have the most comprehensive photography of our pieces, we work hard to accurately describe and photograph any and all items to the best of our ability all potential buyers are welcome to come view items prior to making final purchase.

2. Mod City Madness LLC makes no guarantees as to the authenticity of any particular age, year, or manufacture condition or defect of any item being sold. We strive to provide you with every possible detail to assist you in your purchase we provide you with verbal conditioning reports.

3. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and delivery charges for all items purchased, however we will be happy to assist you in selecting a carrier if applicable. As a courtesy to buyers we provide a list of carriers to choose from. All carriers must be insured and authorized to carry such goods, buyers are welcome to use any licensed carrier of their choice. Mod City Madness LLC will not be held liable for any damage loss or delays caused by any shipping carrier or agent.

5. Mod City Madness LLC will not be held liable for any damages, loss or delays caused by any shipping carrier or agent.

6. State and local sales tax will be assessed and collected on all purchases.

7. Purchaser shall not be entitled to remove any item from the showroom until all purchases are paid for in full.

8. Unlike other furniture and home décor types, the mid-century and vintage pieces we house are rare, one-of-a-kind and so we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please inspect your pieces carefully and ask all questions about their condition before you finalize your purchase. We diligently work to divulge any issues with all our items in their description. That said, if an item is being shipped, we encourage you to ask numerous questions as you deem fit and for additional photos and videos of each item so you can see all flaws before purchase.

9. Mod City Madness LLC wants all of its customers to be satisfied with their purchases. We will do what we can to make your online purchase a positive experience and look forward to having you as a satisfied repeat customer. always feel free to call or email with any concerns or questions you may have.