Collection: American of Martinsville

American of Martinsville, a cornerstone in mid-century modern furniture, emerged in the early 1900s when Ancil Witten and Charles Keesee transitioned from tobacco to crafting bedroom furniture. Expanding into dining-room sets in the 1920s, the brand thrived amidst the postwar mass-marketed furniture boom, drawing inspiration from design luminaries like George Nakashima and Paul Laszlo, much like its counterparts Bassett Furniture and Broyhill Furniture and Drexel Furniture.

Prolific designers Albert Parvin and Merton Gershun played pivotal roles, contributing desirable designs across dining tables, desks, dressers, and china cabinets. Parvin's innovative ideas, coupled with Gershun's iconic lines like the Dania, showcase the brand's commitment to timeless sophistication. The eagle-stamped logo remains a symbol of American of Martinsville's enduring spirit of craftsmanship and design innovation, continuing to influence furniture for the healthcare and hospitality industries today.