Collection: Paul Frankl

Paul Frankl, a visionary in American modernism, left an indelible mark as a furniture designer and architect during the mid-20th century. Born in Vienna in 1886, Frankl's influence found its roots in the United States, where he immigrated in the early 1900s.

Embracing the modern aesthetic, Frankl seamlessly blended simplicity, functionality, and innovative materials. As a prominent figure in the American modernist movement, he collaborated with esteemed brands like Johnson Furniture, contributing to the landscape of contemporary design.

Frankl's iconic "Skyscraper" furniture series in the 1920s defined the Art Deco era, characterized by sleek lines and geometric forms inspired by the emerging urban landscape. His architectural vision extended to interiors, where he aimed to create holistic, modern living spaces, resonating with the evolving desire for contemporary design.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Paul Frankl's influence extended through collaborations with designers and brands alike. His dedication to modernism, coupled with significant contributions to the American design landscape, aligns him with contemporaries and collaborations that further enriched the mid-20th-century aesthetic. Explore his diverse range of designs, encompassing dining tables, chairs, china cabinets, and more, often incorporating materials like walnut and brass.