Collection: Young Manufacturing

Step into mid-century elegance with our exclusive Young Manufacturing collection. Embrace 1960s craftsmanship as walnut wood meets brass accents in uniquely designed pieces.  Young Manufacturing stands as a hidden gem in the realm of mid-century modern furniture design, leaving an indelible mark during its peak in the 1960s. Although information about the company is scarce, its resurgence in popularity can be attributed to the elaborate and geometric sculpted wood designs that defined its distinctive style.

At the heart of Young Manufacturing's allure are the iconic "Cat Eye" Dining Chairs, showcasing the era's penchant for bold and imaginative shapes. The company's rendition of the Broyhill Brasilia Dining Table further solidified its commitment to sleek mid-century aesthetics, capturing the essence of the era's design ethos.

Young Manufacturing's pedestal base dining tables exemplify their commitment to innovative forms, and among their most celebrated designs is the concave yet elegantly simple china cabinet, buffet, and bedroom set. Characterized by a single horizontal sculpted line and a gracefully curved top, these pieces epitomize the company's dedication to marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal.

While the specifics of Young Manufacturing's history may be elusive, its legacy lives on through the timeless allure of its mid-century creations, each piece an elegant testament to an era defined by geometric precision and sculpted sophistication.  For enthusiasts of mid-century design, we also recommend exploring collections from Lane Furniture and American of Martinsville Furniture