Collection: Lane “Staccato”

The Lane Staccato furniture line, emerging in the 1970s, is a notable embodiment of the Brutalist, mid-century modern aesthetic, appealing strongly to enthusiasts of vintage furniture. This line is characterized by its bold, blocky designs on the fronts, a distinctive feature that captures the essence of Brutalist style. The Staccato collection's design elements, with their geometric, almost architectural form, reflect a stark yet intriguing visual appeal, aligning perfectly with the trends of the 1970s. The furniture's robust and heavy appearance, combined with its straightforward, unadorned surfaces, highlights the raw and powerful beauty synonymous with the Brutalist movement.

Key pieces in the Lane Staccato collection include a variety of items such as Armoires, Mirrors, China Cabinets, and Nightstands. Each piece showcases the collection's signature blocky front design, creating a strong visual impact. This design not only defines the collection's aesthetic but also demonstrates the era's preference for functionality blended with a bold, assertive style. The dressers and sideboards offer substantial storage space, their imposing forms making them focal points in any room. The cabinets and tables, while practical, also serve as statement pieces, showcasing the collection's commitment to the functional yet dramatic design of the 1970s.

The Lane Staccato line stands as a testament to the 1970s design ethos, where Brutalist, mid-century modern styles converged to create furniture that was both visually striking and utilitarian. Its popularity among vintage furniture collectors and modern interior designers speaks to a continued appreciation for the unique and impactful design language of the 1970s. The Lane Staccato pieces, with their rich history and robust presence, go beyond mere furniture; they are an homage to an era that celebrated the bold and the unconventional in design.