Collection: Lane “Acclaim”

The Lane Acclaim furniture line, originating in the 1960s, is a standout example of mid-century modern design and remains a favorite among vintage furniture lovers. Renowned for its fusion of form and function, this line is especially known for its iconic dovetail joint design. This unique feature, where contrasting woods are joined in an artistic manner, adds both visual appeal and showcases the craftsmanship typical of the 1960s. The use of tapered legs and clean lines further emphasizes the mid-century modern style, making each piece a timeless addition to any setting.

Key items in the Lane Acclaim collection include chairs, china cabinets, highboy and lowboy dressers, coffee tables, end tables, and headboards. Each piece features the signature dovetail design, marking the collection’s distinctiveness. The chairs are designed for both comfort and style, complementing the sleek and practical tables. The china cabinets and dressers provide ample storage and act as elegant statement pieces, reflecting the simplicity and elegance of 1960s design.

The Lane Acclaim line is more than just furniture; it's a symbol of the design principles from the 1960s, where aesthetics and utility blend seamlessly. Its continuing popularity with collectors and designers reflects a desire to bring the charm and sophistication of vintage 1960s furniture into modern spaces. The Lane Acclaim pieces, rich in history and enduring appeal, celebrate a pivotal era in design.