Collection: Kent Coffey

Established in 1907 by Finley H. Coffey and Dr. A.A. Kent, the Kent-Coffey Manufacturing Company became synonymous with mid-century American craftsmanship. Based in Lenoir, North Carolina, the company stood as a contemporary and competitor to industry giants such as John Bernhardt and James Broyhill. Specializing in durable, affordable, and stylish bedroom furniture, dining chairs and tables, Kent-Coffey's mid-century modern pieces, notably the Perspecta collection, gained acclaim for their walnut and rosewood dressers with sculptural details.  Other Iconic pieces include the Eloquence, the Forum, and the Sequence. Acquired by Magnavox in 1964 and later becoming part of the Singer Company's furniture division in 1983, Kent-Coffey left an indelible mark on the mid-century design landscape.