Mod City Madness Featured in Redfin's Guide to Mid-Century Modern Design

We’re excited to share our involvement in Redfin’s informative blog, "Why Style Your Home From A Century That’s So Mid? Designers Weigh in on How to Design Your Home Mid-Century Modern."  It was a great opportunity for us at Mod City Madness to contribute, particularly in tip #3 where we discussed practical approaches to integrating mid-century modern (MCM) design into homes. Our focus was on making effective use of space and budget, and blending vintage with modern furnishings to create a harmonious look.

The article by Redfin brings together a variety of perspectives on MCM design, covering topics from color coordination to finding the right vintage items. Each contributor, including us, shared tips based on their experiences and knowledge, aimed at helping readers who appreciate the mid-century aesthetic.

We're glad to be a part of this helpful guide and encourage you to read the full article.  For more insights into mid-century modern design  you can read the full article here: 39 Mid Century Modern Design Tips| Redfin.  For those interested in exploring MCM furniture, we welcome you to explore our collection here.

Mod City Vintage Furniture

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